CEO Message

Always stand from the customer's point of view, respond to the customer's trust and provide valuable services


What the Mansyou Group aims for

A company's assets are referred to as "people." What we are working on now is to grow the company, that is, to bring up "people". If we want to grow a sustainable company, the question is how we grow. It is important to continue to be a company that can always provide a place for staff to grow. With the ambition of always challenging new fields, we will strive to create new added value.

Achieving sustainability

To realize a sustainable society in the international community, corporate social responsibility is required again. As a general trading company, we are facing various social issues such as climate change as we develop our business with many stakeholders, and we have the motivation and responsibility to solve many issues. The Group aims to grow sustainably with society by providing various values ​​through its business.

President and CEO, Representative Director
Shunya Tsukamoto