For Future Children

For Future Children

MANSYOU Holdings Initiatives

We aim to realize a sustainable society with our corporate philosophy of "For the children of the future". "Realization of sustainable society and environmental protection" is one of our corporate code of conduct that considers coexistence between business activities and the global environment. In addition to legal compliance, we are focusing on effective use of resources and reduction of CO2 emissions in all business activities.

By incorporating various attributes (gender, age, nationality, etc.), values, and ways of thinking into the corporate environment, we aim to respond flexibly to changes in the social environment and lead to corporate growth and individual happiness.

SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)


SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are the 17 common goals adopted by the UN Summit in September 2015 that should be resolved by 2030 for the future of people and the earth.

We pledge to "leave no one behind" on earth. Expectations are rising for companies to reach these goals. These goals are widely applied in the international community.

MANSYOU Holdings is committed to materiality (important issues) and will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

Material issues

Companies are being asked by stakeholders to address environmental and social issues through our business activities. In order for us to grow sustainably with society in the future, Mansho Holdings has responded to the expectations of our stakeholders and identified important issues that should be prioritized by utilizing our strengths through our business activities.

Energy for everyone and cleanCreating a town where you can continue to liveSpecific measures against climate changeLet's protect the richness of land

CO2 emission reduction

In order to reduce wasteful fuel and CO2 emissions in consideration of the environment, We have introduced idling stop to all cars, and we perform idling stop when waiting or waiting for a signal.

Responsibility to make and useSpecific measures against climate changeLet's protect the richness of the seaLet's protect the richness of land

Effective use of resources

We are working to thoroughly implement 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) for all resources such as raw materials, packaging materials, and auxiliary materials used in product manufacturing.

Let's achieve equality in genderGood job and economic growthEliminate inequality between people and countriesAchieve our goals in partnership

Promotion of diversity

We will respect human rights in global corporate activities, create an environment in which diverse human resources can exercise their individuality and abilities, and promote the development of each individual .We are also actively engaged in hiring people with disabilities.

Global social contribution

UNICEF(United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund)

With the corporate philosophy of "For the children of the future", we hope that the children of the world will grow healthier, and we will support activities for UNICEF and form partnerships with social activity groups active around the world. And we approach deeply and broadly to those in need in the affected areas and developing countries.

We aim to realize one of the targets of the SDGs. "By 2030, achieve proper and equal use of sewers and sanitation facilities for all and eliminate excretion in the field. We pay particular attention to the needs to women and girls and vulnerable people. "